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Kerala's architecture is an ensemble of simplicity and elegance. Simple and all embracing, it is tailored to suite Kerala's climate and culture.

The time-tested dexterity of Kerala's master architectures is ostensible in the construction of umpteen temples, mosques and churches bestrewn across the state.

Climate, Kerala Travel GuideThe temples structures have intricate details that are breathtaking, which never fails to fascinate an observer.

Agraharams, the conglomeration of Tamil Brahmin houses, at Kalpathy in Palakkad show the fulgent face of aesthetic sense of a generation.

Bypore Khalasees, a microscopic group in Kozhikode, have devised their own method of construction. This endangered Muslim group had construction several bridges in stultifying pace.

This team had done yeomen service in several rescue missions in Kerala. Idols and curios, manufactured in several parts of the state, are a fusion of dexterity and technical know-how.

Aranmula mirror, a unique mirrorbeing manufactured at Aranmula in Pathanamthitta, has taken the fame of Kerala's architecture overseas.

Temples, churches and mosques abound in Kerala, signifying a glorious history and representing the eventful political, cultural and religious life of the state. History is a pervasive presence here. Many Christian churches were built with the help of Hindu Kings.

However, the post-independent development spree, bereft of little concern for culture and tradition, has left our traditional knowledge system bear the brunt. Even amid the onslaught of modernism, a few embers glow that can fan up the Kerala consciousness.

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